40% of Americans made New Year’s resolutions this year, according to a recent article in The Washington Post, and I’d bet a lot of those resolutions involved going to the gym. Have you ever considered how the design of your gym influences your experience there? Is it warm and invited? DO you feel motivated walking into the space, or does it feel cold and sterile? In multifamily buildings, in particular, the fitness center can often be overlooked in the building’s design, but it’s also one of the most heavily used amenities within the building. SR/A prides itself on making sure this often-forgotten space is one that encourages, invites and, perhaps most important, sells to prospective residents.

Here’s a round up of some of our favorite fitness center designs from past multifamily projects…


The Apartments at Cobblestone Square – Fredericksburg, Virginia

For this conversion project, our design capitalized on the existing architecture. The bold silhouette graphic draws the eye upward, emphasizing the impressive height of the space. This fitness center feels both homey and inviting.



Bainbridge Apartments at Shady Grove Metro – Gaithersburg, Maryland

The random floor tile pattern adds an unexpected design feature into this suburban building’s fitness center. It is a good example of how a small (and cost effective) design element can have a big impact within a space.



Avalon Potomac Yard (Formerly The Alric) – Alexandria, Virginia

A photographic mural ties together the two levels of this two-story fitness center. Including a loft space allows for greater separation between fitness activities – machines are all located on the lower level enabling the upper level to be reserved for yoga, Pilates or more restorative fitness activities.



Cameron Court – Alexandria, Virginia

This yoga room was designed as a soothing and relaxing space, separate from the complex’s fitness center. Wooden screens and sheet draperies allow plenty of natural light to penetrate the space, while still creating an intimate lounge used pre- and post- workout.



Dock 79 – Washington, DC

A wall graphic featuring work from graffiti artist, Tristan Eaton, adds urban sophistication to the fitness center in this building located on the SE Riverfront. Stepping away from the usual typographical murals in fitness centers can be a breath of fresh air for prospective residents.