SR/A Too

What is SR/A Too?

For years, SR/A Interior Design focused primarily on large-scale projects and renovations. However, we realized that more businesses like us could greatly benefit from our services, so we decided to bring our knowledge and expertise to SR/A Too- a division focused on boutique commercial design specifically for projects smaller in scope—multifamily renovations, small business offices and retail. Our decision to cater to small businesses comes from a place of recognition and camaraderie; we know the impact that small businesses have on their communities and economy, and we identify with other firms and properties that are small but mighty. We’ll be providing the same high-quality design and personalized detail, just on a smaller scale. With SR/A Too, no vision is too big, and no business is too small.


✓ Architectural & Interior Design

✓ Space Planning

✓ Selection of all Materials & Finishes

✓ Branding

✓ Construction Documentation (permit set)

✓ Contractor Selection & Construction Pricing

✓Construction Supervision

✓ Selection & Purchasing of Furniture

✓ Art Curation, Purchasing & Installation

✓ Installation Management


Small Businesses

Retail, Restaurants, Offices, Showrooms, etc.

Professional Offices

Law, Medical/Dental, Real Estate, etc.

Residential & Corporate Properties

Lobbies, Clubrooms, Co-working, Gyms, etc.


Clubhouses, Reception Venues, etc.