We appreciate the creativity and sense of partnership with which the excellent SR/A team approached the interior design for our apartment community at Fenwick. Their design responded beautifully to the vision that had been established for the project while also respecting the budgetary prerogatives that were set before them. Furthermore, SR/A's performed all of their work in a timely manner that was fully coordinated with the rest of the design effort -- helping to avoid the common pitfall of a back-end value engineering process. Their construction management effort was also superlative. SR/A truly approached the design process with a flexible and open mind -- allowing for ongoing review and refinement that resulted in a distinctive and successful project. We were taken with the sense of whimsy that infused both their relationships with the whole of the project team as well as the design itself. We look forward to our next adventure in designing and bringing to life a unique residential community with the SR/A team.
Sarah Davidson, Partner
Insight Property Group
I would like to take a moment to share a few comments on behalf of SR/A. During the latter part of 2013, I was introduced to Sabine Roy and her staff. The warmth, sincerity and professionalism that was shown to my colleagues and I then is the same consistent way we are treated today. I have worked with design firms in the past that have a “one track vision” and that is that they can rarely see beyond what they have designed for a project. Understanding this way of thinking by some, I try to remain conscious of the design intent when reviewing design documents as well as renderings so that any requested changes from the Owner does not offend or drastically disturb the harmony of the design. To my surprise, when it came time to review the design documents for the “Alric”, a 323 unit residential building comprised of 2 separate buildings with 2 main lobbies & lounges ... a roof top lounge and roof top terrace for entertaining to name of few amenities the project has to offer, SR/A didn’t show any level of discontent when it came to a few suggestions from the Owner, rather they simply and genuinely without hesitation or resistance offered to revisit the design to offer a change to satisfy our request as well as keeping the integrity of the design intact. If there is a specific design you want, they can and will deliver. If you put your trust in this team to come up with a design based upon a few choice words given to them to work from, they can and will deliver. In addition to ensuring their clients are 150% satisfied, they are also a cost conscious group who understands budgetary boundaries with skills on knowing how to adjust and work around the dollars and sense of project struggles, when the unforeseen surfaces. My company has not only been completely satisfied with the planning & execution of FF&E on our Alric project, we have them under contract for one of our current projects that has just gotten underway on the Anacostia River and we are just as excited to see them deliver on their design on this project as we were for the Alric. In short, whatever your needs, wants or desires are, SR/A can deliver! They will deliver it with style, calmness and CONFIDENCE that I have not seen in a while. Almost always you pretty much can bet there will be chaos when it comes for FF&E to be installed, but when there is a group of individuals that are truly dedicated to what they do and believe in and who believes in you as well, it makes for a rather stress free affair.
Nate Dunn, Construction Manager
MRP Realty
We had an amazing experience with SR/A Interior Design. The consultants were fast in response, and provided beautiful and luxurious selections to meet the needs of our interior renovation. We will certainly use SR/A again for future projects.
Katie Evans, General Manager, North Park Luxury Apartments
Capital Properties
Washington Property Company uses SR/A for interior design on many of our multifamily projects. The combination of Sabine’s artistic flair and her partner Sean’s architectural space planning and attention to detail make for a well-coordinated project for the developer as well as a product that is well-received by the marketplace. It is a joy to work with them because they love what they do and the results show it.
Daryl South, Senior Vice President of Development and Acquisitions
Washington Property Company
Working with the folks at SR/A is a privilege. I have worked with many interior designers in over 25 years in the architectural visualization industry and their interior design work is the most creative and unique that I have ever seen. Not only that, but Sabine Roy has created a culture of precise organization and detailed communication that is unrivaled. Sabine and her team are easily a favorite client of mine.
Michael Secrist, CEO, Visualization Director
F13 Design Studio