As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, I am beyond proud of our team and the quality of work we have accomplished and the lives we have touched in the process. At SR/A, our designers thrive in a culture of collaborative creativity and excellence. By keeping the needs of the end user forefront in our mind and delving deeply into the ins and outs of each project we are able to develop designs that not only reflect the individual identity and brand of each project but also create a meaningful and memorable experience within the space. I appreciate the wealth of opportunity we’ve had over the years and the wonderful relationships we’ve developed along the way. Here’s to the next 20 years of design excellence!

Sabine Roy

President & CEO


By pairing a strong architectural focus with boutique-level designs, we aim to make the world a more hospitable place, one space at a time. Our team of experts begin each design project by thinking about the needs and desired experience of end user. SR/A prides itself on providing personalized customer service while delivering innovative designs tailored to the needs and budget of each client.


As a full-service design firm, we are a resource for our clients throughout the life-cycle of the project and beyond. From initial design direction, to material selection, documentation, code compliance, contractor coordination and right on through to furniture selection, procurement and installation – we walk together with our clients through the sometimes-overwhelming steps of a design project.


SR/A (short for Sabine Roy and Associates) was founded in 2003.
Sabine, along with her husband and architect Sean, envisioned a firm that would provide personalized, residential style aesthetics to commercial and hospitality projects. Sabine trained as a designer in Paris and worked in San Francisco and New York before settling in the Washington, DC area. In the 2000s, SR/A made its mark in the flourishing multifamily market. At the company’s tenyear anniversary, La Collection was born – a retail gallery arm of SR/A housing original local artists and one-of-a-kind furniture and accessories. La Collection closed in 2020, as SR/A embraced the changes forced on the industry due to COVID. Today SR/A is known for its end-user focused approach to both new construction and renovation commercial and hospitality projects From humble roots as a team of three, SR/A has grown into a thriving, close-knit team of design, procurement and architectural specialists. SR/A has thrived over the years – staying true to its roots of boutique level design backed by a strong architectural foundation.


Sabine Roy
Sean Saidi
Jennie Crouch, NCIDQ


Amina Elshaer
Amy Hinds, NCIDQ
Paul Gorohkov
Viviana Martinez
what our client says

Client’s Testimonials

Success that's driven by the passion of our clients.

On behalf of the Meals on Wheels America Office Redesign team, I wanted to take a moment to thank the SR/A Interior Design team for their part in making our office remodel a great success…The SR/A team skillfully brought our vision, brand and mission to life with focal finishes, furniture selections, wall treatments, and even the little touches that make the office feel warm and comfortable, such as wall art featuring the clients and volunteers of Meals on Wheels…We greatly appreciated how SR/A worked hand-in-glove with our brand team to customize every aspect of the space they touched. Sarah, Jennie and the entire SR/A team were a pleasure to collaborate with and exceptional in their handling of purchasing and installation.

Kenneth C. Euwema, Chief Financial and Operating Officer

Meals on Wheels America

During the course of the Telek Place [Denizen] project it was great working with you all. Any time I had a question or concern about a detail Brendan was always available and willing to help out. Whether a RFI or a site visit, he was always willing. In the end the job and designed turned out great. It was a pleasure to have worked with Brandan and everyone at SR/A.

Steve Escobar, Superintendent

HITT Contracting

Sabine and her team set the design inspiration for our entire project from day one by framing Modera Sedici (the “Italian Embassy”) as a “yin and yang” design: a blending of the old with the new. Placing contemporary designs inside an historical, traditional setting, and then flipping that on its head in our new construction. SR/A, along with the rest of our design team, executed this vision perfectly, and created a building that will have a long-lasting impact in the District!

Joe Muffler, Managing Director

Mill Creek Residential Trust LLC

We appreciate the creativity and sense of partnership with which the excellent SR/A team approached the interior design for our apartment community at Fenwick. Their design responded beautifully to the vision that had been established for the project while also respecting the budgetary prerogatives that were set before them.

Sarah Davidson, Partner

Insight Property Group

I would like to take a moment to share a few comments on behalf of SR/A. During the latter part of 2013, I was introduced to Sabine Roy and her staff. The warmth, sincerity and professionalism that was shown to my colleagues and I then is the same consistent way we are treated today.

Nate Dunn, Construction Manager

MRP Realty

We had an amazing experience with SR/A Interior Design. The consultants were fast in response, and provided beautiful and luxurious selections to meet the needs of our interior renovation. We will certainly use SR/A again for future projects.

Katie Evans, General Manager

North Park Luxury Apartments

Washington Property Company uses SR/A for interior design on many of our multifamily projects. The combination of Sabine’s artistic flair and her partner Sean’s architectural space planning and attention to detail make for a well-coordinated project for the developer as well as a product that is well-received by the marketplace. It is a joy to work with them because they love what they do and the results show it.

Daryl South, Senior Vice President of Development and Acquisitions

Washington Property Company

I have taken quite a few people through [the amenities and permanent models at Denizen] and every time I get the same response which is that universally people love it. The comfortable feel, unique characteristics of the space and attention to details give Denizen personality and make it memorable. The finished product is outstanding! I think the areas where we backed off and let you have the space turned out the best. I enjoyed getting to know the SR/A team and working with you. Congratulations to you and your team on a remarkable job.

Neal Kumar, Vice President

Rushmark Properties