Sabine Roy’s Artwork

An interior designer by trade, Sabine Roy started painting in 2017. Her discerning interior designer instinct for color, balance, and emphasis is evident in her vibrant and soulful artwork. Ms. Roy works primarily in acrylics and experiments with mixed media collage. Her love of architecture and music are often at the backbone of her artworks – this contrast of structure vs. movement is an ongoing fascinating source of inspiration. Ms. Roy is a native of the Southwest region of France and studied in Paris. She has lived in San Francisco, New York and now Washington, DC. Together with her Persian husband, she has traveled extensively throughout the US, Europe, and the Middle East. Her artwork is influenced by this multicultural background. With rich colors and bold strokes, Ms. Roy aims to evoke emotion and elevate the soul with each art piece.

Acrylic Paintings on Canvas

If you are interested in any of the pieces shown or are interested in commissioning a piece, please contact Sabine Roy